Arena settings and fights

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Arena settings and fights Empty Arena settings and fights

Post  Yrobryn on Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:10 am

This is where the warriors can fight, measure each other strength, dispute something or even settle diferences.
Arena settings and fights Lotr2x10

Here you can fight until death, or until defeat, or even you can fight for some time and then call it a judgment to know who won.
Arena settings and fights Arena-10

There will be tournaments where you can win prizes, prizes so rare that only here you can get them without beeing a GodModer, but there is always the freedom to fight out of tournaments, and against whoever you want, with and against how many you want.
In case of army war there is only the possibility of using the maximum of 200 units on each side, they die like they die in any other situations in this RP.

Arena settings and fights Lotr-f10

You will need to create the topic,settle the settings ( weapons and accessories,abbilities and any handycaps or rules only to that fight) and start fighting. Or you can sign up for an available tournament [made by admin.] and await it's begining.

Most important of all, respect others if you want the others to respect you. Fight with honour, win or loose with honour, there is always prizes for excelent rpers, even if they loose.

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