Armies and fortifications - rules and points

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Armies and fortifications - rules and points Empty Armies and fortifications - rules and points

Post  Yrobryn on Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:58 pm

It will be the best to all if the armies are in consense with the player role in the game.
The armies will be built by spending points, those points are earned by posting and other actions(1 point per post, 10 points per day registered and 5 point per friend added).
Each soldier, weapon, etc will cost a certain number of points that will be deducted from the player total points. (Those points could be checked in each player profile)
Max points to use for army: 1200 points.

Orcs- 1pt (light sensitive)
Hobbits- 1pt
Men- 2pt
Dunedain/ Elves/ Dwarves/ Uruk-hai- 4pts
Ents- 20pts
Foxes/ ponies- 2pt
Horses/Elephants /Hounds /Apes / Hill-trolls- 6pts
Stone and snow trolls/ Great eagles and spiders- 8pts
Other Trolls/ Wargs-16pts
Olog-hai Trolls- 18pts (more intelligent)
Mumakills- 60pts (carries 15 men, not included)
Fellbeasts- 100pts
Dragons/Balrogs- One per Usergroup of 5 unique I.P.

Siege Weapons:
Small ladder- 4pts
Big Ladder- 20pts
Battering ram- 40pts
Catapults/ballista/SiegeTower- 60pts
Trebuchet- 80pts
(All above include men with no weapons only to operate the siege weapons)

Small Skiff- 10pts
War Ship- 40pts (includes 1 fire thrower or 1 ballista or 1 catapult)

Light armor- 1pt
Medium armor- 2pt
Heavy armor- 4pts

Small shield- 1pt
Large Shield- 2pts

Normal sword/axe/throwing axes/bow/crossbow/spear- 1pt
Superior sword/axe/throwing axes/bow/crossbow/spear- 2pts

Mount- Cost of animal
Armor for Mount- 2pt

For each Member of an useregroup 20pts can be spent (not deductible)

Palisades- 30pts
Stone wall- 60pts
Great Stone wall- 100pts
Moat around walls- 40pts

Wall defences- 10pts each:
-Ballista/Tower/catapult/Boiling oil

Wooden Citadel- 30pts
Stone Citadel- 50pts
Great Stone Citadel- 70pts

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