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Post  Yrobryn on Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:58 am

Belegost was one of two Dwarven cities in the Ered Luin. Belegost translates from Sindarin as "Great Fortress". The dwarves called it by its Khuzdul name, Gabilgathol of unknown meaning, and although Tolkien used Mickleburg as an Anglicization of the Westron form of the name, this would clearly have been retrospective, as Westron, 'the common speech' did not begin to develop until centuries after Belegost's destruction.
It lay to the north of its neighbouring dwarven city Nogrod, and was the home of the Dwarven people known as Broadbeams. Both clans were early trading partners of the Sindar in Beleriand.

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