Harondor (South Gondor)

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Harondor (South Gondor) Empty Harondor (South Gondor)

Post  Yrobryn on Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:54 pm

Harondor was the Southern most lying province of Gondor in the noontide of the realm save the coastlands around Umbar in Third age ca.750 during King Falastur, Eärnil I., Ciryandil, Hyarmendacil I., Atanatar II., to Third age ca 1300. During those years all the Kings of Gondor with more or less luck extended and defended the Southern borders of the realm of Gondor.
The boundry of Harondor was in the North river Poros and in the South river Harnen into Haradwaith, in the East was Ephel Dúath and Lostladen and West was the Bay of Belfalas. Harondor was lost to the people of Haradwaith and descendants of the King in Umbar during and after the Kinstrife of Gondor through the years of the Third age 1400 - 1650 and due to the great plague diminishing the strength of Gondor but Gondor has never resigned the claim of the lordship of Harondor.

Harondor (South Gondor) Harondor


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